Services & Pricing

As a pet owner, we understand that there may be certain things you may or may not want for your pet. So, we've made some custom packages to fit you and your dog's needs. Our pricing is based on the the size of your pet and can vary. If you have any quesitons or concerns, please contact us and we can also schedule your next appointment. 

Suds & Pups Package

Your dog deserves a gentle bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and a coat brush-out. Paw Envy Mobile Dog Grooming will have your pup feeling clean and fresh. No dog deserves dirty paws!

Small (under 15lbs) - $45.00+


Medium (16lbs-40lbs) - $55.00+


Large (41lbs-60lbs) - $65.00+


XLarge (over 61lbs) - $75.00+



Clips & Tails Package

Your pet will not only get a gentle bath, ear cleaning, nail trim and coat brush-out, but they will also receive a pretty trim of their face, feet and tail. Sometimes a trim is all your pet needs!

Small (under 15lbs) - $50.00+


Medium (16lbs-40lbs) - $60.00+


Large (41lbs-60lbs) - $70.00+


XLarge (over 61lbs) - $80.00+



Deluxe Paw Package

Full Service Groom starting with a bath, ear clean, and nail trim. Followed by a quick de-mat/brush-out, sanitary trim and a stylish doo. Your pup deserves to look good!

Small (under 15lbs) - $60.00+


Medium (16lbs-40lbs) - $70.00+


Large (41lbs-60lbs) - $80.00+


XLarge (over 61lbs) - $90.00+



Scratch & Sniff Package

Treat your pet to our all-natural flea/tick bath that will rid your dog's coat of those pesky bugs. We'll also include their ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary trim and brush-out. Good-bye Sir-Itch-Alot and Hello McFly!

Small (under 15lbs) - $55.00+


Medium (16lbs-40lbs) - $65.00+


Large (41lbs-60lbs) - $75.00+


XLarge (over 61lbs) - $85.00+



Accessories & More!

Ever treated yourself to a new pair of shoes? Treat your pup to a bow in her hair, a little hair color and/or nail polish to represent your favorite team or just some much needed extra TLC!

Nail Polish - $10.00+


Hair Color - $15.00+ (pending amount of fur coloring)


Teeth Brushing - $5.00


De-shed - $10.00+ (pending severity of shedding)


De-matting - $20.00+ (severe cases may require shave down to avoid pain to your pet)



We offer low cost and affordable mobile dog grooming for all our clients of all ages and size. We have a large variety of all natural and organic products for all dog coat/skin types.  Anal gland expressing upon request only.  Call us today and schedule your appointment. We're available weekdays in Melbourne, Fl and it's surroundings.